Music is Torture

Music is Torture

OneTouch Theatre

Jake owns a recording studio. He's been recording the same album with the same band for the past fifteen years. Everyone else gets the breaks. But Jake still has a ticket in the music industry lottery and unbeknown to him a potential windfall could be heading his way. He might just have to make a few... compromises.

Inspired by the research of musicologist and human rights campaigner Professor Morag J. Grant into the use of music as a means of torture in political conflict. Music Is Torture is a jet-black comedy set in Limbo Recording Studios, featuring live music and new songs from A Band Called Quinn. Listen to their new album Dawnings on Bandcamp.

This event has the following performances:

1 June 2017

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Seat Price £15.00 /


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Trenchant, funny and chilling  ★★★★ THE STAGE

completely alluring  ★★★★ THE SCOTSMAN
compelling ★★★★ THE LIST
Weird in the most delightful way ★★★★ THE TIMES

musically compelling throughout ★★★★ THE SCOTSMAN

thought provoking, memorable, one-off stuff ★★★★ THE HERALD


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