Box Office

Box Office Service Opening Hours:

From Monday to Saturday the Box Office will be open from 10.00 until 15 minutes after the last ticketed event begins, and on Sundays the Box Office will be open from 11.00 until 15 minutes after the last ticketed event begins.


Christmas Eve - Box Office closes at 17.30
Christmas Day - closed
Boxing Day - open from 10.30
Hogmanay - Box Office closes 18.30
New Year's Day - closed
02 Jan 2015 - open from 10.30


Please remember to log on to the website before selecting your seats!  Otherwise your Friends discount will not be visible.  There is a reminder at the bottom of the seat plan but if you have seats selected already then you will need to re-select them after logging in.

Searching for a Show

Our search algorithm uses 'OR' logic rather than 'AND'.  Therefore, when searching for a show by name, the results will contain all shows with ANY of the words that are input.  When searching for a show using the show title, use as few words as possible.  For example, if searching for 'Michael Palin: Travelling to Work' try just inputting 'Palin'.  We suggest avoiding the use of the word 'The' as the list of results may be rather long!!


Booking Fees

We are sometimes asked by customers why we charge a booking fee.

Similarly to most theatres in the country we are seeing our contribution from the public sector, and in particular from the local council, reduce. As recently as 20 years ago around half our income was from public funding. Today it is 22% and falling.

We have worked hard and successfully to increase our commercial activity and our income from other areas. But as a charity that provides a lot of valuable, but costly, community and education work that is not enough to make up for declining public funding. Therefore in line with most UK theatres we have introduced a booking fee.

The majority of our ticket income goes to the performers and producers but we keep 100% of the booking fee. So while the booking fee may appear to be unfair to customers it does, in fact, help keep ticket prices down.

Currently, our Booking Fees are charged per ticket, not per booking and apply to telephone and Internet sales. Walk-up customers are not charged a Booking Fee.

Current Fees:
Ticket £0 to £9.99 - 50p per ticket.
Ticket £10 to £19.99 - £1 per ticket.
Ticket £20 and above - £2 per ticket.



Most events at the theatre have a £1.00 Development levy included in the ticket price.  100% of the money raised from the development levy will be re-invested into Eden Court.



Terms and Conditions of sale

Our Terms and conditions can be found here: ;



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