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Doug Scott - Crawling Down The Ogre 40th Anniversary Lecture

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    The Ogre (7,285 m) is the most difficult of the world's high mountains to climb - all approaches to the summit involve highly technical rock climbing at high altitude. In 1977 Doug Scott and Chris Bonington made the first ascent, just as the sun was setting and after very difficult rock climbing that extended the boundaries of what had been achieved before at that altitude. But triumph almost turned to tragedy on the subsequent descent in the dark. While abseiling off the summit block Doug slipped on water ice and crashed into the cliff he had just climbed, breaking both legs just above the ankles. A storm blew in lasting five days during which time Chris smashed his ribs and contracted pneumonia. It took eight hard days to reach Base Camp - with Doug crawling all of the way and Chris in excruciating pain. It was 24 years before there was a second ascent of The Ogre. Hear Doug tell his story in person 40 years later...
Venue Location
  • Empire Theatre
  • Eden Court Theatre Bishops Rd
  • Inverness
  • United Kingdom

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