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An Artist's Eyes

UK, 2018

About this film

Cinema (12A TBC)

An Artist’s Eyes, directed by Jack Bond, follows the journey of the brilliant young British painter, Chris Moon, as he navigates the perilous art world and a demanding, often excruciating relationship with his work.

The film opens in Chris’s studio in London, then travels to a snowy, freezing New York for a pop-up art show and a photography session with the outrageous Mick Rock. Finally, Chris and his photographer friend drive Chris’s old Mercedes across the dramatic landscapes of Southern Spain.

Through his travels, we discover what it means to be an artist and the very nature of creativity. Chris’s character is revealed as uncompromising, bohemian and totally dedicated to painting. When the director, Jack Bond, asks him, ‘What drives you?’ he replies, ‘Stubborness, selfishness…madness drives me’.

Jack Bond is one of Britain’s most innovative filmmakers and over a fifty year career has redefined documentary, art-house drama, music video, film and television. This is the second film he has made on an artist, the first being with Salvador Dali in 1965, Dali In New York.

Chris Moon is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever seen on film” - CHARLOTTE RAMPLING

Additional Information

Certificate: 12A TBC
Duration: 77
Director: Jack Bond
Cast: Chris Moon
Year: 2018
Country: UK
Language: English
Venue Location
  • Playhouse
  • Eden Court Theatre Bishops Road
  • Inverness